School Psychological Counselling Training Program

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On 4th November 2021, the Da Nang Youth Union coordinated with the Healthy Cities for Adolescents project (UNICEF Vietnam) to organise a training program of school psychological counselling, and techniques for empathic listening and emotion management. The training program took place on November 4 and 5, 2021, helping to improve a better understanding of the importance of school psychology counselling in high schools and thereby, gradually creating a task force to promptly recognise and resolve conflicts among students.

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Training content

Attending the program, Youth Union officials and teachers from High schools, Continuing education centres and Vocational schools in the city have learned about techniques of psychological counselling, and solutions for mental health improvement for students. Also, they were trained in empathetic listening, emotion management, gender-based violence prevention in schools, and how to customise relevant activities driven by the needs, interests, psychology, and characteristics of students and Youth Union members.

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