Climate Landscape Analysis For Children in Viet Nam

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The Climate Landscape Analysis for Children in Viet Nam was jointly facilitated by the Ministry of Planning and Investment and UNICEF Viet Nam with a view to analyzing the baseline situation of climate-related issues affecting children to inform the development of Socio-Economic Development Plans and other climate change-related policies with a more child-centred approach. This report was produced by a dedicated research team consisting of Ms. Ellen Woodley and Ms. Dang Thi Thu Hoai. The report represents the views of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Ministry of Planning and Investment and UNICEF Viet Nam.

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The report received valuable technical guidance, inputs and comments from all programme sections of UNICEF Viet Nam (Child Protection, Child Survival and Development, Education, Programme Partnership Office, Social Policy and Governance and the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit) and relevant colleagues from UNICEF regional & headquarters offices.

Special appreciation is due to all key stakeholders at both national and provincial partners who shared their valuable time to provide inputs and perspectives.
We would like to sincerely thank all those who contributed to this publication.

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Source: UNICEF Viet Nam