Calling Out the 7 Most Talented Teams Competing for the Top Spot in U-INVENT 6!

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These teams are bringing innovative projects to the table, and as the Finals approach, let’s show them our support and encouragement!

  • Team Automatic from Nguyen Van Thoai High School introduces a Multi-functional Plant Care Machine controlled by smartphones.

  • Team Shooting Stars from Hoa Vang High School presents their Flood Rescue Backpack project.

  • Team FLTs, a collaboration between Le Quy Don Specialized High School and Tran Phu High School, showcases their Injury-Reducing Jacket project.

  • Team FA, also from Le Quy Don Specialized High School, introduces the Robot Arm System Assisting People with Disabilities.

  • Team The Satlers, hailing from Le Quy Don Specialized High School, presents the Instant Fainting Alert Wristwatch project.

  • Team Challengers from Phan Chau Trinh High School shares their YOUTHSOUND Mental Support Platform for Youths project.

  • Team Siulmao, representing Le Quy Don Specialized High School, brings the Braille Reading Device project.

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Pham Quynh Nhu, the Team Leader of Shooting Stars, shares: “Our journey in U-INVENT 6 has been incredible. With hope and a drive for change, Shooting Stars is ready to shine in the Finals. Congratulations to all teams! Let’s bring our excitement and passion to the Finals!”

© UNICEF/ VN-UK Institute

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